Looking For A Place To Stay In Elko?

If you are wondering which hotels and motels to stay at, do not forget to give this article a read and it just might save you some cash AND stress. More »

Have You Read The Elko Daily Free Press Lately?

There are only so many news sites for Elko and this article will help you locate which ones are worth the once or even twice over. More »

Check Out The ElkoUpdate Events Calendar

For such a small city, Elko NV offers a TON of fun family oriented activities that will for sure please all tourists and locals of all ages. More »

Thinking Of Buying A Vehicle?

There is a great dealership worth checking out so read this article and see what special deals Gallagher has to offer you. More »


Want To Get Ripped Off? Head Over To Ruby Mountain Pawn which is home of the live rude girls ( now that is an understatement )! More »

Best Chinese Food In Elko

Are you looking for great food that is also easy on your wallet? Check out MONKEY SUN chinese food today. More »

Check Out The Wise Foods Free Shipping Offer

Now is the time to put your order into wise food company and enjoy free shipping PLUS 5 percent discount on your entire order. More »


RV Parks in Elko Nevada Reviews

elko nevada rv park reviews

Are you looking for the best rv parks to stay at while visiting or traveling through elko nevada?

There are actually a couple different rv parks to choose from when traveling through or living in elko nevada. Based on many experiences that we have seen first hand as well as those who have emailed us here are our suggestions for which rv parks to stay at and which ones to avoid at all costs.

Long Term Food Storage in Elko Nevada


Wise Foods Free Shipping Discount Code Offer

Right now Wise Food Company is offering free shipping plus the ability to get 5% off all your orders. This is huge especially when it comes to the shipping costs on the larger quantity orders. My family and I have bought a few different wise foods emergency and 72 hour packs that we can review and will be posting videos on our youtube channel so stay tuned for those.


The Elko County Writers Need YOUR Help

elko county writers

Elko County Writers

If you are looking to support local elko residents as well as the arts there is ONE CAMPAIGN that could really use your donation and best of all, you will FEEL GREAT doing it. Our little family is very new to elko however before we moved there was one website that caught my eye and that was the Elko County Writers website and something that I would LOVE to join.

Elko Nevada Chinese Food Restaurants

Elko Nevada Chinese Food Restaurant

Elko Nevada Chinese Food

If you ever happen to drive through elko nevada and have a craving for chinese food you really need to check out MONKEY SUN chinese food. They have some of the best service we have ever seen and their prices are actually reasonable. The food itself is rated among the top 100 in the United States for chinese food restaurants and I can totally see why.

Ruby Mountain Pawn Shop – Home of the Live Rude Girls


Ruby Mountain Pawn Shop

I guess I should have realized how “brilliant” the lady behind the pawn shop counter was when she asked if my SWISS ARMY KNIFE was made in America… I kept hearing about how there really is only ONE legit pawn shop here in ELKO but for some reason I felt like giving the LIVE RUDE GIRLS a shot simply because they were closer of a walk than the pawn shop in elko that everyone continued to recommend ( which is Sierra Jewelry & Loan of Nevada ).

Looking To Buy A Vehicle In Elko Nevada?

Elko Nevada Ford

Gallagher Ford Lincoln Mercury, Inc

One of the first things I noticed once we made our drive to Elko Nevada was that the motel that we are temporarily staying in is right across the street from a FORD dealership. In a previous life ( a couple years ago that is ), I was a ford sales rep in California and my vehicle sales license might actually still be active so it makes me wonder IF getting a job at the local ford dealership might be something worth looking into.

LIVE – Elko Nevada Police Scanner


Are you wondering what is happening minute by minute right here in Elko Nevada?

Elko Nevada Police Scanner

Listen to the LIVE Elko Nevada Police, Fire and Ambulance to get all the updates as they happen versus waiting around for local and national news media to report it. Remember that the audio is from real elko police, fire, emt and related public services and “listener discretion” is advised as the items being discussed are real life situations and not simply a tv or reality show.

Showcasing Everything That is GREAT In Elko Nevada


Where Are All The Accidents, Crime Reports and So Called REAL Elko News?

When I decided to put this website together there was one thing that I wanted to NOT showcase here. There are so many news websites who focus on all the bad, all the crimes, all the deaths versus the POSITIVE.

The ElkoUpdate will NOT be the go to elko website to know what terrible tragedies or tragic events took place EVER. If you are looking for stories that will sadden and depress you, please go elsewhere because you will only find CONSTRUCTIVE and POSITIVE news articles, events and videos featured here.

Silver State Stampede In Elko Nevada


Silver State Stampede In Elko Nevada

If you are interested in the history behind Nevada Rodeos then there is one event that each and every buckaroo or buckaroo-wannabe should go to and that is the Silver State Stampede. The Silver State Stampede is the OLDEST Rodeo in this great state and is a MUST for anyone visiting the elko area during July 11th through July 13th .

What Are The Best Hotels and Motels To Stay At In Elko Nevada


The BEST Elko Nevada Hotels Motels Inns Lodging and Places To Stay

For such a small city there are PLENTY of great places to spend the night, week or even an entire month “extended stay” style. You can go cheap and crash at the local motel 6 or splurge a bit and stay at one of the many casinos which offer amazing hotel suites to suit any budget.