LIVE – Elko Nevada Police Scanner


Are you wondering what is happening minute by minute right here in Elko Nevada?

Elko Nevada Police Scanner

Listen to the LIVE Elko Nevada Police, Fire and Ambulance to get all the updates as they happen versus waiting around for local and national news media to report it. Remember that the audio is from real elko police, fire, emt and related public services and “listener discretion” is advised as the items being discussed are real life situations and not simply a tv or reality show.

Elko Nv Scanner Frequencies

We went back and forth about linking to this due to the content for the most part is to report crimes, accidents and fires however at the same time it allows you ( the local elko resident ) to realize what the local police department have to deal with 24/7 right here in Elko County Nevada.

You can listen 100% free to “everything elko” from the brave men and women of the local elko departments by following the link below: 

click the link above to listen LIVE 24/7 completely free and unedited

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  1. Elko says:

    Listening to live emergencies will also allow the average citizen the ability to hear what is really going on versus what news media has “polished” for their viewers and readership.

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